Admiral Mike can beat Joni Ernst

Nancy Bobo, an influential Polk County activist, supports Admiral Mike’s proven, principled leadership. Read Nancy’s endorsement of Mike here.

Admiral Mike would represent Iowa well

Paul Deaton, influential writer at Blog for Iowa, interviewed the entire Democratic field, and he supports Mike. Paul writes that Admiral Mike’s “work in the Congress gives him a long head start when it comes to writing legislation and getting Iowa priorities accomplished. Experience matters and Franken has it.”

Admiral Mike would be a statesman

Ian Ralby, who has worked tough conflicts in tough places with Admiral Mike, knows he would be a statesman who would make Iowa proud.

Admiral Mike understands climate issues

Lindsay Mouw, climate activist and deputy campaign manager, stands with Admiral Mike because she knows he will deliver results on the climate crisis.

Admiral Mike has the deepest knowledge of anyone I’ve worked for

Levi DeGross, finance director, understands Admiral Mike’s deep knowledge on the issues. Levi trusts that Mike will keep policy above politics in the Senate.

Admiral Mike has walked the walk

Jonah Albrecht, youth activist and field organizer, values that Admiral Franken has walked the walk. Jonah believes we need a leader in Iowa who can defeat Joni Ernst and be ready on day one.