Watch my Daily Coronavirus Briefing

Every day at 1 p.m. CT, I will host a Daily Coronavirus Briefing on Facebook. I use these daily opportunities to set the record straight — to lead. Ultimately, I hope to be value-added in discussing what we need to do now and how we can recover from this pandemic, spring-load our economy, and build a new America.

Mondays through Fridays at 1, go to

Watch Mondays Daily Coronavirus Briefing

Monday’s topic was whether or not the federal government has put us on a path to reopening the economy. The answer is NO.

Watch Friday’s Daily Coronavirus Briefing

Friday’s topic was testing and what we have to do to be ready to open the state.

Welcome to my Coronavirus page!

I want to be a resource for all Iowans and Americans during this crisis.

Governor Reynolds should not have relaxed social distancing

Governor Reynolds is putting Iowans in danger by relaxing social distancing measures. We need to help our rural areas prepare for the crisis by maintaining social distance.

It’s time for a shutdown

Enough is enough.

I’m calling on Governor Kim Reynolds to issue a shelter in place order for the state of Iowa.

We need leadership in a crisis.

I stand with you, Captain

In 2002, I was the sole “no” vote on the invasion of Iraq — so I know a thing or two about speaking truth to power.

Captain Brett Crozier was relieved of command for doing the right thing. I stand with you, Captain.

Captain Crozier tested positive

Folks, I just heard that Captain Crozier has tested positive for coronavirus. Captain Crozier was right about the dangers that coronavirus poses to our Navy, and he was wrongly relieved.

Now more than ever, we need to implement Captain Crozier’s guidance — and we we need a change in leadership.

Request a ballot

Even during a pandemic, this election is continuing apace. That’s how important beating Joni Ernst and electing Democrats is.

The Secretary of State is extending early vote to forty days, but you still have to request a ballot.

Go to my website’s “Vote Early” page to request a ballot.

Apply for unemployment benefits

Coronavirus will test all of us — especially in our pockets. That’s why more Iowans than ever are filing for unemployment benefits.

If you’ve worked in the last eighteen months, you can apply for unemployment benefits. Click here to start the process.

Get counted

Even during a pandemic, it is so important that we complete the census and get counted. 

Getting counted determines the funding our schools get, the number of representatives we have —even the number of electoral votes we receive. 

And during this pandemic, getting counted could mean more ventilators and masks for Iowans. 

Click here to get counted.

Apply for a small business loan

Small businesses are the pillars of our community, and they are hurting.

Starting Friday April 2, small businesses can apply for loans to stay afloat and keep employees at full salary.

Click the link here to apply.